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In the laboratory

Our passion for this land and our love for nature in all her glory provide the inspiration for the work we do and for everything we produce. Thanks to our love and passion, every day we seek out new challenges and new flavours: liqueurs, sauces, jams – the future is set to be very sweet indeed…

Out of our passion for the good things in life, we set up a laboratory for the processing of our products. It is here that we create delicious delights based on our fruit and vegetables. Authenticity is what differentiates all of our products, which are made to traditional recipes in compliance with the strictest hygiene and health regulations. We only make small quantities of our products, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Our products:
jams, vegetable sauces, vegetables in oil, ready-to-eat vegetable sauces, fruit in syrup, honey.

How to buy

Our products can be purchased at the farm or at the point of sale (More info)

Booking an accomodation

Agritourism accommodation in a family-friendly environment (More info)