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Effettuiamo consegne a domicilio dei nostri prodotti a Bologna e provincia

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Our products

La Colombarola: Agriturismo a Bologna The grapes cultivated in our vineyards are hand-picked and vinified in our own winery. Vinification is carried out in the traditional fashion, allowing the native yeasts on the grape skins to act without human intervention. Indeed, maceration on the skins (of both our red and white grapes) is essential in order to achieve fully natural wines that encapsulate the aromas and characteristics of the terroir. Our wines are intense, highly aromatic, well-structured and persistent.

In our laboratory, we manually turn our fruit into delicious jams, following time-honoured recipes that do not involve the addition of thickening agents. We use nothing but fruit and sugar (around 300 grams of sugar for every kilogram of fruit). All of our jams are produced in small quantities, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Our sauces are the combination of the produce from our gardens, on the one hand, and our imagination, on the other. Every year we experiment with new recipes, but we always also make our classic tomato-based versions:
tomato paste
peeled tomatoes
tomato halves for cooking au gratin

We produce small quantities of acacia honey, chestnut honey and millefiori (‘thousand flowers’) honey. We have our own facility where we extract the honey and then decant it into ripeners. The honey is packaged in 500 gram jars.

As with all of our produce, our fruit and vegetables are cultivated organically; over the course of the years, we have created an ecosystem in which the presence of harmful insects is controlled by their natural enemies, such as ladybirds, which prey on aphids. In the garden, the fruit and vegetables are cultivated on a seasonal basis. To ensure their natural goodness, we do not force them to grow out of season or spray them with additional water.


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How to buy

Our products can be purchased at the farm or at the point of sale (More info)

Booking an accomodation

Agritourism accommodation in a family-friendly environment (More info)